Sunday, 13 December 2015


My Saturday began at 9am at work (I work at a cosmetics store) I had the opportunity to do makeup on a 8 year old for her dance concert. I was so nervous that I was going to muck up as it was my first time doing makeup to a customer but all went well and I managed to actually do it haha.
I left work at 12 and went home packed my bags and met my cousin Hannah at the train station at 1pm for a 3 hour train ride to Melbourne.
We arrived in Melbourne at 4 and went to my friends house in Melbourne (where I was staying the night) had some food and begun to get ready to see Ed Sheeran in concert.
We arrived at the Venue at 5:30 and the first act was coming on at 6:30. The first act was a guy called Foy Vance but to be honest I didn't enjoy listening to him at all haha. The next opening act was passenger and oh my god, he was simply amazing, I loved listening to him so much and he was real funny. The third act was rudimental. I loved them so much, they really got the crowd singing and dancing along, the music was so loud if I put my hand up to my chest I could feel it vibrating, it was crazy but so cool. Finally after a long wait Ed came on.

I feel until you see someone in person you don't actually realise they are real, that's what happened to me haha. And I was lucky enough to get general admission tickets so ed was so close it was simply amazing. There was not a dull moment throughout the concert and what makes me love him even more is that he doesn't have a band with him, he does all the sounds,beats and harmonies by himself which was so cool. If you looked around the stadium it looked so pretty as everyone had the flash from their phones on and it looked like stars everywhere.
Yes this is me just awkwardly sitting on the ground waiting for Ed to come on, we had been standing for 3 hours straight before I managed to get enough room around me to sit down. 
Overall I had an amazing night and I love Ed so so much, he is so talented


Sunday, 22 November 2015

Purchases from melbourne

Recently when I was in Melbourne, I purchased a few items including 2 tops from H&M, another top from miss shop in Myer and Nars sheer glow foundation in the shade Mont Blanc.

A few months ago when I was in Melbourne I got my colour tested for the Nars sheer glow foundation, but I didn't really know much about makeup at the time. So since then I've familiarised myself with a lot more makeup and different techniques. I am now in love with makeup, so when I was in Melbourne last weekend I finally purchased this foundation which I've heard great reviews about. I have used the foundation only twice and I'm in love with it already! It was a bit pricey being $65 but it is totally worth it. The bottle doesn't come with a pump but you can purchase a pump for an extra $4 which I would suggest to get as it is easier to control how much foundation is coming out of the bottle. It has amazing converge and when wearing it, it stays on for ages which is a big plus. I especially love how you can put on as little or as much as you like to get the right thickness without it looking too caked, keeping a natural look. It gives you a lovely airbrushed finish with a little glow to it. This foundation comes in a wide range of shades to match your skin colour. When I finish this bottle I most definitely will be getting more of it. Overall I really love this foundation it has great coverage, blends well and is just simply wonderful. I definitely recommend you buying this.

The first top I purchased was from miss shop in Myer. It is a simple top which can be dressed up or dressed down. The top is a baby pink colour which will be lovely in the summer. This top came to $20

 (I left this top at my friends house so I couldn't get a photo)

Next I purchased 2 tops from H&M.
The first one is a bit like a sweater which I would wear somewhere casual, it is a beautiful light purple colour which will be great throughout Spring. This top was $20.
The second top from H&M is more of atop I would wear out for dinner or to work. It is fully white and has lovely detailing. The sleeves flare out which makes me love the top even more. This top came to $40
I hope you enjoyed reading my post xx


Saturday, 7 November 2015


Yes, yesterday I saw Caspar and Joe.. AND IT WAS AMAZING!! It was literally one of the best days ever but now I'm kinda depressed that it's over.

Lets rewind a few weeks to when the tickets came out. It was on a school day when they got released and Izzy's mum was going to try and get us the VIP passes which include a meet an greet before the show but she wasn't able to get them, Izzy then tried at school and everything had sold out, even just the normal tickets. Luckily they release an earlier show, which we got tickets to. I was also meant to be going to see an amazing singer called Chet Faker in concert but my mum made me decide between the two to see. It was a tough decision but I chose to go and see Caspar and Joe.


The day began with myself and my friend Izzy ( getting on a train for 3 hours to Melbourne, we arrived at 10am. The show started at 3pm so we literally went shopping and ate food for 4 hours (2 of my favourite things). We arrived at the venue at about 2 and we waited around for about 40 minutes with other fans until we got let in.
The show began with a host walking out and introducing Joe and Caspar. It was an unreal feeling when they walked out, Izzy and I literally were crying we were that happy! Throughout the show they got asked numerous questions about being YouTubers and about their new movie coming out. We got to see exclusive clips from the movie that no one has seen yet and we couldn't film them because the boys didn't want it to get out on social media, from seeing those clips the movie looked so funny; I cant wait to see it!. We were sitting in the very last row, which wasn't bad at all because we had the best view and we were able to stand up because no one was behind us.  
When the boys got up and were looking around Izzy and I were waving crazily at them to try and get their attention and it worked because they waved back at us! It was crazy.The show went on with them getting asked more questions and then it was over. I was so sad it was over as I didn't want it to ever end. When we got out we wanted to try and sneak in but their was security guards everywhere, so that crushed our dreams of actually meeting them lol. 
We walked to McDonald's and sat down to eat our sadness away haha, after we ate we made our way to the train station to get the train back home, after three hours we were finally back in our home town at 9pm.

Overall it was an amazing day and I had so much fun. I will do another post next week for the things I bought while shopping in Melbourne.
Thanks for reading, please leave a comment! Xx

If you have seen them let me know down below.
Love, Zee xx


Monday, 19 October 2015

Banana Smoothie

During the school holidays my friend came from Brisbane to visit me, she works at a cute little cafe and when she was at my house she made me her favourite smoothie that she makes at work.

Yummy banana smoothie
You will need:
One banana
3 scoops of ice cream
A teaspoon of cinnamon
A table spoon of honey
A splash of milk
*you can add as much honey or cinnamon to your liking.
Simply add all ingredients into a blender and blend it all up.
Now go and enjoy your yummy smoothie, it is really that easy to make.This is a wonderful smoothie for breakfast as it fills you up and is quick n easy! The cinnamon and honey make it extra yummy and adds a lot of flavour.

Also if you freeze the banana before you use it, the smoothie will be extra cool for a hot day.
Special thanks to Izzy ( for letting me take these photos of you drinking the smoothie lol
I hope you enjoy, leave a comment below if you tried making it and let me know how it went.
Love, Zee xx

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Flubber Soap

For this post I felt like getting creative and I was talking to my sister about it and she said make some flubber soap and I had no clue what flubber soap was but she showed me how to make it and what to do and I was amazed. It's pretty much soap but squishy which is so cool!

What you will need:
1/3 cup of corn flour (corn starch)
2 table spoons of oil
1 tablespoon of plain flour
1/4 cup of shampoo or soap (I found some hotel shampoos at home so I used them instead of my good one)
Sprinkle of eye shadow or blush for colour, you could also use food dye (I used blush)
How to make it (look at pictures below for more guidance) 
To begin add corn flour, plain flour, shampoo and blush to a bowl and mix together with a spoon, it will be a bit dry so add some of the oil. Don't add all the oil at once as you might not need it all.
Then keep combining until it comes together. Gather it in your hands and roll into a bowl, it will be quite sticky but it should eventually roll into a ball that isn't sticky. If it continues to stick to your hands just simply sprinkle some plain flour onto the bench and knead the flubber soap through it.
Add corn flour to bowl.
Add shampoo and colour. 
Mix well.
I then decided to make some green, by using food dye for colour not blush or eye shadow and just normal soap (which happened to be green aswell) 
And this is what the finishing product should look like, kinda like playdough.
To use it just grab a little ball of it and run under the water with your hands and rub them together to wash.
This is a fun and quick activity to do on the weekend with your friends, or even little kids.
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Love, Zee xx


Saturday, 3 October 2015

3 favourite hairstyles at the moment

Sorry it has been awhile since my last post, at the moment it is school holidays and what I was hoping to do was to be writing blog post for further weeks but that hasn't happened as I've been very busy with friends and family these holidays. I also got my first job! Its at a cosmetic store, so it sells a lot of makeup, fragrances, skincare & hair products and also some clothing. I have already worked 3 shifts and to begin with I was very nervous but no I love it so much! Anyway over these holidays I have became very fond of these hairstyles below so I thought, why not blog about them you know? two of the hairstyles involve a dutch braid, a dutch braid is like a French braid but instead of braiding over the top, braid under, if you are having trouble there are many tutorials on YouTube that can help

First is a half up-do top knot
To begin simply gather the top half of your hair into a high ponytail (Like in the picture below)
Then tug at the hair that's in a pony tail to add volume. Twist ponytail around into a bun and secure with a hair elastic and bobby pins.

The next look I have been wearing quite frequently is these two little braids that are good for school, work, weekends and any day really as your hair is still down but just out of your face.
Part the hair in the middle, and simply start dutch braiding one side from the top of the hairline, stop the braid when you get to the crown and simply secure with an elastic at the crown or just continue a normal braid the secure.

Last but not least is two braids again.. To begin part the hair in the middle and split into two even sections, dutch braid each side and instead of braiding/plaiting the end secure the elastic just at the neck

So here are my favourite hairstyles at the moment, For the braids I did it the Dutch style, so it pops out and has the 3D effect which I prefer but you can easily just do a normal French braid.
Thanks for reading, please comment :))
&& thanks to my sister for letting me take pics of her
Love, Zee xx


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Glossy Lids?

Glossy eyelids?

Have you always thought how models rock lustrous, shiny eye makeup looks in high-fashion editorial shoots? Well I definitely did!
Nowadays you see glossy lips, glossy nails, glossy magazine pages but now there is the glossy eyelid look. Glossy eyelids are taking over more and more now on many models and to be honest I absolutely love the look! Today I will be showing you a quick and easy way to recreated the look without expensive products.
All you need is any eye shadow you like and either paw paw cream or Vaseline.
Firstly apply little or large amount of eye shadow to your eyelid (as much as you prefer) then simply apply the vaseline or paw paw over the top, you can use either an eye shadow brush for this or just your fingers. Don't apply to much you just want enough so you can see the glossy shine.
And that's it, you are done! It is really that easy to achieve the look that many models are wearing on the runways lately.
Thanks for reading, if you try this look please tell me how it went.
Love, Zee x


Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Nutrition Pod

 The Nutrition Pod

Iv been busy with school this week and haven't had the time to do a bigger post so here's just a quick little one, I hope you enjoy.
A new store called The Nutrition Pod has arrived in mine local town and I absolutely love it!!
This store has a wide range of natural and organic foods, from natural flours, cocoas, spices to dried fruits and vegetables. It also has a range of muesli, granola, chia seeds and much more healthy breaky options. My absolute favourite is coconut chips, I just devour them! I love what this store sells but I really love the whole set out of it all as well, it is very cute and groovy.

One thing I got the other day from there, which I had never seen or heard about before was blk water. blk water is natural spring water infused with fulvic acid (which turns liquid black), and it's meant to be healthy so I thought I'd give it a try and plot twist it literally just taste exactly the same to normal water, not one difference whatsoever.

(btw this isn't me, its my friend)
But anyway it was worth trying + it looks kinda cool because how often do you see someone drinking black water huh?
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Love, Zee xx


Saturday, 5 September 2015

Lush Haul

Lush haul
When I was in Melbourne last week I got multiple items from a store called lush which has handmade luxuries such as bath bombs, face masks, cleansers, soaps ect. They have such an amazing range of beauty products which all contain natural ingredients, I absolutely love lush and definitely recommend purchasing something from this store!
Cupcake face mask
The first item I picked to buy is a face mask called cupcake, it looks exactly like chocolate mouse which makes it look very yummy and appetising but you can't eat it haha. This cupcake face mask targets oily skin and keeps the skin from breaking out, I have only used the product three times but so far I really love it, it makes my skin so soft and doesn't dry it out but also doesn't keep my face oily. You can purchase this product for $13.95 'here'
Honey Bee bathbomb
The next item i purchased was the honey bee bathbomb. This bathbomb is a lovely yellow colour, with a little light grey. The smell of this bathbomb was so yum I just had to by it, it was so appealing. The smell is a lovely honey and vanilla scent with a little caramal. After using it in the bath my whole bathroom smelt amazing and it actually made my skin quite soft and made my bath water a bright yellow colour. (which kinda looked like pee ahah). You can buy this product for $6.25 'here'.
Mint julips (lip scrub) 
Last but not least is a mint lip scrub. This lip scrub is amazing as you can eat it! You simply lick you lips, apply the lip scrub to your lips then lick it all off, leaving your lips super soft and smooth. It is so so yummy and I use it like 3 times a day because I love it so much! This scrumptious little lip scrub can be purchase for $9.95 'here'. It is also available in multiple flavours, such as bubblegum and popcorn.

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Love Zee xx

Sunday, 30 August 2015

A day in the city

On Monday my friend messaged me asking if I'd like to see the lion king musical in Melbourne and I said yes of course. So on Wednesday we got up early and left for Melbourne at 6:30am once we got there we did some shopping as we had time to kill before the show. We went to multiple stores such as H&M, Top Shop, Myer, Zara and much more.

 We thought it would be fun to go get our makeup done in Myer so that's what we did, we went to mecca and the lady put on my makeup using products such as Nars. After we got our makeup done we got some lunch from Mc Donald's and made our way to the theatre for the musical. I myself aren't really into musicals but I absolutely loved it, it was really great acting, singing and was just like the movie, the costumes that were used in the musical were amazing and very realistic.
We did some more shopping after the show and I got products from lush, and a top which I'll be doing another post about later.


I absolutely loved the whole day being able to walk around the city with my friend, shopping, eating and watching buskers/performers on the streets was so fun.
We then later made our way home by train. Overall it was a great day, if the lion king is ever coming to a theatre near you I definitely recommend it!


Sunday, 23 August 2015


I've been very busy lately and I'm suffering writers block lol so I thought I'd do a kinda confession/fact post for you all to get to know me better..
1- My full name is Zoe Rose Collins (call me zee)
2- I am 15 turning 16 in December which I'm very excited about because then I'll be about to get my learners driving license
3- I am in 9th grade
4- I'm Australian
5- I am crazy inlove with one direction, like obsessed lol. They make me so happy
6- I read one direction fanfiction 24/7 (it's so addicting)
7- I hope to start a YouTube channel one day
8- I desperately want to live in London
9- I'm afraid to grow up but at the same I'm very excited
10- My biggest fears are heights and dying
11- My favourite movies are romance movies
12- I have kept my blog a secret from everyone I know except for one of my friends izzy (
13- I also really love Miley Cyrus
14- I'm obsessed with the vampire diaries you all have to watch it!
15- My fashion icons are Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Lottie Tomlinson, Zendaya and much much more.
Well there you go everyone, there is 15 confessions/ facts about me. Now you all know a little bit more about me. Comment below something about yourself.
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Thank ya, love Zee :)


Saturday, 15 August 2015


Banana berry smoothie
This smoothie is thick, creamy and super yummy! It is great to quickly blend up in the morning on the go and it fills you up which is a plus.
Makes one big cup
You will need:
1 banana
6 strawberries
3 tablespoons of vanilla yoghurt
1/3 cup of oats
 A few drops of honey
A splash of milk
(If you freeze your fruit it'll give your smoothie more of a chill)
Simply just blend all the above ingredients in your blender and serve. Adjust the quantities of ingredients as needed (I usually just change the amount of fruit to how hungry I am at the time)
Fruit n yoghurt bowl
The next breakfast is pretty much fruit and yogurt in a bowl.
All you do is add any flavoured yoghurt to a bowl, then simply chop up any fruit you like, sprinkle over raw oats, muesli or granola and enjoy!
Overall these a quick, easy and very yummy breakfasts that fill you up, if you give them a go please comment and let me know how it went.
Literally how I look/feel when I have them

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Love, Zee xx

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