Monday, 27 July 2015


My Bali holiday

I visited many places and fell in love with everywhere I went but I'll share with you my absolute favourite, it's called Single Fin. Single Fin was about a 30 minute drive from where I was, and to be honest I really couldn't be going because it was about 36 degrees Celsius (96 in Fahrenheit) so I was very hot. But I went with my family and as soon as I got there I loved it so much. The atmosphere the place had made the experience so much better. There was a restaurant which we ate at for lunch, then we wanted to go swimming (the place was on a beach) so one of the Balinese men led us down to the beach and to get to the actual water we had to walk through multiple caves filled with crystals and bats which made the experience more exciting, once we finally go out of the caves it opened up to a magnificent beach which was packed with tourist from all over the world. The water was so beautiful and crystal clear, I swam in it til my hands and feet went wrinkly haha. 

One day we went to a sacred bali temple in the forest, when we arrived we got given food to feed to the monkeys which roamed around the whole forest, the monkeys were so so cute I just wanted to take one home. We went to many markets and I got so much stuff as everything was a lot cheaper overthere, we went to a waterapark, restaurants, beaches and lots of shops. Overall the whole trip was so much fun
And I would definitely go back there anyday. 
Anyway this is just a little insight to how I spent my school holidays, I hoped you enjoyed reading it!
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Love, Zee xx



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