Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My $20 outfit

This just my casual winter look for the weekends, I hope you like it!

Okay so the other day me and my friend Izzy (who's blog you can check out here) went down the street to go op shopping and I got 3 new things all for the price of $20.

First item- cord coat
This cord coat was just $5!! And I absolutely love it. It is a chocolate brown colour and has a 70's vibe to it as it is cord which I love. It originally had fur around the hood but I didn't really like it so I simply decided to chop it off, It's just great especially now that it's winter and it's super warm.

Second item- b&w tee
This black and white t-shirt was $3. This is just a simple tee and it's great as it goes with practically anything I wear which is a big plus. This top is great as you can wear it in any season, like in the summer just put it on with some shorts or in winter just wear jeans and a coat with it like I did, this t-shirt just works with anything you decide to wear.

Third item- doc martens
These doc martens would have to be my favourite purchase out of the three. They are a burgundy colour and they are the soft leather version which I prefer.
I have been looking around for a cheep pair of these for awhile now because I am in love with them, and the usual price for these is about $170 so when I finally found these in the op shop I was overwhelmed as the price was only $13!! Now ever since I've got them I haven't taken them off.

Fourth item- black jeans
These black jeans aren't from the op shop, they are from jeans west but I have wore the absolute crap outta them, I have worn them nearly everyday this winter its getting ridiculous!
I just cant take them off though, they are so comfy and I love the zips at the ankles.

I absolutely love op shopping as you can either find designer brands or just random things that you can altar to change it up and make it your own. I think it is really fun and definitely think everyone has try op shopping once in their life. 

Love, Zee x


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