Saturday, 18 July 2015


Sorry everyone but this post isn't about actual pancakes it is about pancaking your braid. 

Pancaking your braid is such an easy and simple thing that makes the braid more look softer and prettier, I tend to pancake my braids more often now as I feel that just leaving the braid as it is just gets a bit boring.

Firstly you will need have a Dutch braid for this to work.

To pancake your braid just simply start at the bottom where the elastic is and gently pull/tug the outer edge of the braid on each side, pulling the hair as little or as much as you feel making the braid poof out (the more you pull the bigger the braid will get) . By pancaking the braid it makes the hair have more volume making it look fuller so if you have thin hair this helps if you want to have a more thicker look. 

And that's it, its that simple to make your hair look thicker!

That's all for today errryone.. love Zee xx



  1. Soz you probably got excited to see someone had commented but its just me, Izzay. I just wanted to say that this post made me feel like pancakes so yeh

    1. well izzay I did get excited and yeh I feel like them too


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