Sunday, 9 August 2015

My Fav Skincare Products

An influx of skin care items have arrived and I can't get enough of them, I am very happy to be enlightening you all in some of my favourite skincare products, enjoy! 
The first item is frank coffee scrub. It is my first time using it and so far it has been amazing! For so long I have had stretch marks and every product I buy nothing has worked and my friend told me the scrub gets rid of any stretch marks, I didn't really believe her but she kept insisting that I should buy it, so I did and she was right. It literally is a miracle worker. I am so happy as it has got rid of them. It also gets rid of any lumps, bumps, blemishes, pimples ect and leaves your skin feeling extremely soft. You can purchase a variety of different coffee scrubs but I just have the original which targets dry skin, stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis and acne. All you gotta do is massage it in a circular motion, concentrating on problem areas. Use as much scrub as you need each time and use 3-5 times per week. Leave for 5 mins before rinsing. The scrub also has an amazing scent that smells like jaffas, the others have really yummy scents aswell. The only negative is that it gets messy but the positives of this product definitely dominate the negatives.
If you aren't a scrub type of person there is a range of creams and cleansers. You can buy this product online here-
The next product I will be enlightening you all about is a sea clay skin softening face mask by beauty and me. It specialises in clearing your pours and softening any dry skin. All you do is apply a thin layer to a wet face and leave on for 10-15 minutes to dry then rinse off with warm water. The face mask is pretty much looks like you have dirt all over your face as it is a clay but it's definitely worth it for the finishing product, leaving your face extremely smooth. I couldn't get onto the website where the product is from but you can get it from any leading pharmacies.
And last but not least is my 3 step Nutrimetics hydrafinity set which includes a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. My mum is a promoter for Nutrimetics so she got this product for free to try out but she gave it to me to test it and I absolutely love it, after using it a few times my skin was clear of pimples and was left feeling extremely smooth! The packaging is also wonderful, looking beautiful in sweet pink.
The first step in this set is a cleansing gel with Aquatic Iris extract and Glacial Water, it smells soft, floral and inviting and I just couldn't wait to try it. True to its self, the gel also forms a foam to cleanse, only needing a little product as it goes a long way. Next is the revitalising toner with orange flower extract (it smells amazing), which you use after your cleanser just sweeping it over your face with a cotton pad, but I must note again it does go a long way! This toner is just perfect to use after the cleanser to just settle and cool the face down! Finally to complete the process there is two lovely skin hydrators (moisturisers), one for morning and the other for night. I tend not to use the night one as much as it has pink grapefruit oil in it and makes my face go oily and greasy which I don't like at all, however it is great if you have really dry skin. The skin hydrator for the morning is great, it contains vitamin C leaving me feel bright and fresh.
You can order online at
I hope you enjoyed my post, feel free to ask any questions :)
Love, Zee x


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