Sunday, 20 September 2015

Glossy Lids?

Glossy eyelids?

Have you always thought how models rock lustrous, shiny eye makeup looks in high-fashion editorial shoots? Well I definitely did!
Nowadays you see glossy lips, glossy nails, glossy magazine pages but now there is the glossy eyelid look. Glossy eyelids are taking over more and more now on many models and to be honest I absolutely love the look! Today I will be showing you a quick and easy way to recreated the look without expensive products.
All you need is any eye shadow you like and either paw paw cream or Vaseline.
Firstly apply little or large amount of eye shadow to your eyelid (as much as you prefer) then simply apply the vaseline or paw paw over the top, you can use either an eye shadow brush for this or just your fingers. Don't apply to much you just want enough so you can see the glossy shine.
And that's it, you are done! It is really that easy to achieve the look that many models are wearing on the runways lately.
Thanks for reading, if you try this look please tell me how it went.
Love, Zee x


Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Nutrition Pod

 The Nutrition Pod

Iv been busy with school this week and haven't had the time to do a bigger post so here's just a quick little one, I hope you enjoy.
A new store called The Nutrition Pod has arrived in mine local town and I absolutely love it!!
This store has a wide range of natural and organic foods, from natural flours, cocoas, spices to dried fruits and vegetables. It also has a range of muesli, granola, chia seeds and much more healthy breaky options. My absolute favourite is coconut chips, I just devour them! I love what this store sells but I really love the whole set out of it all as well, it is very cute and groovy.

One thing I got the other day from there, which I had never seen or heard about before was blk water. blk water is natural spring water infused with fulvic acid (which turns liquid black), and it's meant to be healthy so I thought I'd give it a try and plot twist it literally just taste exactly the same to normal water, not one difference whatsoever.

(btw this isn't me, its my friend)
But anyway it was worth trying + it looks kinda cool because how often do you see someone drinking black water huh?
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Love, Zee xx


Saturday, 5 September 2015

Lush Haul

Lush haul
When I was in Melbourne last week I got multiple items from a store called lush which has handmade luxuries such as bath bombs, face masks, cleansers, soaps ect. They have such an amazing range of beauty products which all contain natural ingredients, I absolutely love lush and definitely recommend purchasing something from this store!
Cupcake face mask
The first item I picked to buy is a face mask called cupcake, it looks exactly like chocolate mouse which makes it look very yummy and appetising but you can't eat it haha. This cupcake face mask targets oily skin and keeps the skin from breaking out, I have only used the product three times but so far I really love it, it makes my skin so soft and doesn't dry it out but also doesn't keep my face oily. You can purchase this product for $13.95 'here'
Honey Bee bathbomb
The next item i purchased was the honey bee bathbomb. This bathbomb is a lovely yellow colour, with a little light grey. The smell of this bathbomb was so yum I just had to by it, it was so appealing. The smell is a lovely honey and vanilla scent with a little caramal. After using it in the bath my whole bathroom smelt amazing and it actually made my skin quite soft and made my bath water a bright yellow colour. (which kinda looked like pee ahah). You can buy this product for $6.25 'here'.
Mint julips (lip scrub) 
Last but not least is a mint lip scrub. This lip scrub is amazing as you can eat it! You simply lick you lips, apply the lip scrub to your lips then lick it all off, leaving your lips super soft and smooth. It is so so yummy and I use it like 3 times a day because I love it so much! This scrumptious little lip scrub can be purchase for $9.95 'here'. It is also available in multiple flavours, such as bubblegum and popcorn.

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Love Zee xx
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