Sunday, 22 November 2015

Purchases from melbourne

Recently when I was in Melbourne, I purchased a few items including 2 tops from H&M, another top from miss shop in Myer and Nars sheer glow foundation in the shade Mont Blanc.

A few months ago when I was in Melbourne I got my colour tested for the Nars sheer glow foundation, but I didn't really know much about makeup at the time. So since then I've familiarised myself with a lot more makeup and different techniques. I am now in love with makeup, so when I was in Melbourne last weekend I finally purchased this foundation which I've heard great reviews about. I have used the foundation only twice and I'm in love with it already! It was a bit pricey being $65 but it is totally worth it. The bottle doesn't come with a pump but you can purchase a pump for an extra $4 which I would suggest to get as it is easier to control how much foundation is coming out of the bottle. It has amazing converge and when wearing it, it stays on for ages which is a big plus. I especially love how you can put on as little or as much as you like to get the right thickness without it looking too caked, keeping a natural look. It gives you a lovely airbrushed finish with a little glow to it. This foundation comes in a wide range of shades to match your skin colour. When I finish this bottle I most definitely will be getting more of it. Overall I really love this foundation it has great coverage, blends well and is just simply wonderful. I definitely recommend you buying this.

The first top I purchased was from miss shop in Myer. It is a simple top which can be dressed up or dressed down. The top is a baby pink colour which will be lovely in the summer. This top came to $20

 (I left this top at my friends house so I couldn't get a photo)

Next I purchased 2 tops from H&M.
The first one is a bit like a sweater which I would wear somewhere casual, it is a beautiful light purple colour which will be great throughout Spring. This top was $20.
The second top from H&M is more of atop I would wear out for dinner or to work. It is fully white and has lovely detailing. The sleeves flare out which makes me love the top even more. This top came to $40
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Saturday, 7 November 2015


Yes, yesterday I saw Caspar and Joe.. AND IT WAS AMAZING!! It was literally one of the best days ever but now I'm kinda depressed that it's over.

Lets rewind a few weeks to when the tickets came out. It was on a school day when they got released and Izzy's mum was going to try and get us the VIP passes which include a meet an greet before the show but she wasn't able to get them, Izzy then tried at school and everything had sold out, even just the normal tickets. Luckily they release an earlier show, which we got tickets to. I was also meant to be going to see an amazing singer called Chet Faker in concert but my mum made me decide between the two to see. It was a tough decision but I chose to go and see Caspar and Joe.


The day began with myself and my friend Izzy ( getting on a train for 3 hours to Melbourne, we arrived at 10am. The show started at 3pm so we literally went shopping and ate food for 4 hours (2 of my favourite things). We arrived at the venue at about 2 and we waited around for about 40 minutes with other fans until we got let in.
The show began with a host walking out and introducing Joe and Caspar. It was an unreal feeling when they walked out, Izzy and I literally were crying we were that happy! Throughout the show they got asked numerous questions about being YouTubers and about their new movie coming out. We got to see exclusive clips from the movie that no one has seen yet and we couldn't film them because the boys didn't want it to get out on social media, from seeing those clips the movie looked so funny; I cant wait to see it!. We were sitting in the very last row, which wasn't bad at all because we had the best view and we were able to stand up because no one was behind us.  
When the boys got up and were looking around Izzy and I were waving crazily at them to try and get their attention and it worked because they waved back at us! It was crazy.The show went on with them getting asked more questions and then it was over. I was so sad it was over as I didn't want it to ever end. When we got out we wanted to try and sneak in but their was security guards everywhere, so that crushed our dreams of actually meeting them lol. 
We walked to McDonald's and sat down to eat our sadness away haha, after we ate we made our way to the train station to get the train back home, after three hours we were finally back in our home town at 9pm.

Overall it was an amazing day and I had so much fun. I will do another post next week for the things I bought while shopping in Melbourne.
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If you have seen them let me know down below.
Love, Zee xx

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