Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Napoleon Perdis makeup course

A few weekends ago my friend Izzy and I went down to Napoleon Perdis in Melbourne for a 6 hour makeup course that our boss had booked us into. We both work at a cosmetic store in our home town so by doing the course it has made me feel more confident in dealing with the cosmetics I am selling to customers as I now know many more tips which I can pass on.

Throughout the course of the day we got taught a simple day look which was very glowy with a basic brown and pinkish eyeshadow, this look would be good for summer.
Next we got taught an intense night look which was my favourite, we used lots of dark browns and blacks as well as a gold glitter. They also taught us all about the proper ways
to clean and cleanse your skin which was very helpful. The class was quite small with about 9 people,but it was good as we were able to get help and learn tips easier.

The products we got to use were all Napoleon Perdis and were amazing but now I want to buy all of the ones I used but I can't afford that, a girl can dream though. A few one my favourite's were the Auto Pilot calming skin primer, which corrected the appearance of skin redness and imperfections. Another favourite was the matte bronzer which was perfect for warming up the face, especially on more fairer skin tones which I have.

Overall the day was so much fun, I learnt heaps of cool new tips as well as meeting a bunch of people.
Thanks for reading xx


Sunday, 11 September 2016

Shopping in America

This post was meant to go up as soon as I got back from America, but I'm terrible at sticking to schedules so here it is, finally, about 10 weeks late.
 I ended up doing a lot of shopping while in the states and this post would go on forever if I mentioned every single thing I brought, so I have decided I am just going to mention some of my favourites.
Nars creamy concealer
I have wanted this concealer for so long as I have seen so many beauty bloggers and You-tubers rave about it, and since I have the Nars sheer glow I just had to get it. So once I walked into Sephora in LA that's exactly what I did, I got the shade vanilla as I have quite fair skin. Overall since I have brought it I have literally used it everyday, I used it all the time while in America when it was very hot and now at home being very cold, the coverage staying great in both hot and cold temperatures and it hasn't creased at all for me yet. If you come across this concealer, I'd definitely recommend you buying it.

Reebok shoes
These Reeboks are called the 'classic' ones I believe as they have been around for so long just like the superstars, converse and vans which everyone wore years before I was born, but have now came back in style. These were about $80 USD I think, but there was a big sale so I managed to get them 40% off. I wasn't originally going to get them because my sister was and we didn't want to have the same shoes but when I tried them on I loved them so much so I had to buy them, and it was definitely worth it as they are the comfiest shoes I own!

US Polo Association jacket
I purchase this jacket because here in Australia it is winter and I was in desperate need of one. The jacket was originally $75 USD but I was able to get it for $35! The sales in the outlets were insane, nothing like the ones here. It is a really handy jacket as it goes with most things so I always chuck it on before leaving the house.

Nike casual shoe
These are the Nike Court Classic shoe. These are great as they go with anything just like the reeboks, and are just really handy when I'm going out and need a shoe to quickly slip on. Again they are extremely comfortable and well worth buying. I believe these were $90 USD but once again with the crazy sales I got them for $45.

Thanks for reading my post! sorry again for the delay on this, ill try and have my posts coming more frequently, especially now that my school holidays are coming up, ill have some free time to write some posts xx


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The 1975

Hi everyone I am back, I know I did day in my last post that this one would be about the things I purchased in America but the photos I took for it somehow disappeared, they have just decided to go somewhere so I need to take some more which I will be doing this weekend sometime.
So this weeks post is about The 1975 concert I went to on Sunday night, which was just amazing omg

The day started with me waking up at about 8:30am and I got ready as I had a train to catch with my friends at 10.30 to Melbourne. We arrived in Melbourne at about 12:30ish and walked to Hisense arena where the concert was, my friends and I found a place in the line to sit and began our 6 hour wait in line because everyone's tickets where general admission so we wanted to get to the front of the mosh pit. Okay so waiting in this line was the coldest 6 hours of my life, I really thought I was going to get hypothermia. Even though waiting in this line took forever and was absolutely freezing we also met so many nice people.

Slowly but eventually with being pushed into constantly from every angle, we finally got into the venue at 7pm, scanned our tickets and were let in and yes we were close there was probably about 15 or so in front of us at this stage but once the opening act came on my friend and I managed to squeeze our way through people to the front (which was very difficult as no one wants to move out of the way) having only 2 people in front of us for when The 1975 came on, it was unreal. This is so cliché but the atmosphere was amazing and the experience of the concert was nothing like I've experienced before and so different from when I saw them in January when I was in seats. Overall it was probably my new best night of my life, It was just amazing and I would definitely recommend going to see The 1975 live.

I hope you all enjoyed this little post about my experience at the concert xx


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

New York

The concrete jungle 

I spent a week in New York City. Crazy huh? I still can't believe it, it's crazy to think it was 4 days ago that I was there walking around Central Park or watching the billboards in time square or shopping on fifth avenue, okay I walked down fifth avenue didn't actually shop, those stores are ridiculously expensive! 

I arrived in New York on the 20th of July and because it was the evening already we decided to walk to time square as it was a 5 minute walk from our hotel. Once we got there it was just hectic with so many people shopping, eating and taking loads of photos it was very very busy but so cool to see, the amount of billboards there is crazy. 

The next day we walked through Times Square again to eventually get to Central Park. The day spent at Central Park consisted of eating, riding bikes and once again taking loads of photos. I really could of spent every day I was there at Central Park, it was massive stretching out 843 acres of land. I loved that as it was so hectic in the streets and avenues that it was so easy to get away from it all but walking through the park.

Throughout the rest of the week we did a day tour which took us to iconic places in New York such as the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 memorial and the top of the rock at the Rockefeller centre where you go to the top floor and see the jaw dropping view of the city, which was probably my favourite thing we did. We also went and saw School of Rock on Broadway which was amazing, the singing and acting was so good, and it was just a cool thing to experience and would definitely recommend to go to a Broadway show while in New York. 

On the last day we went to Hoboken New Jersey to go to visit Carlos bakery which is from a TV show that I watch all the time called 'Cake Boss'. First we arrived at the factory where all the cakes are made and we got a tour there which was so cool and then went to the actual bakery where our tour lady had a massive plate of pastries waiting for us and oh my god these pastries were to die for! 

I hope you enjoyed my brief recap of my time in New York, I am now in Houston visiting family so i probably won't do a post for here but when I get back I will have one up about all the things I have bought over here. 


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Los Angeles

Hiya everyone, I am now currently in New York but I will fill you in with some of the things I got up to in LA.

Throughout the 4 days I explored LA it wasn't as pretty as I thought it was going to be, however there were many places like Beverly Hills which were very nice and all the palm trees made it so pretty. 

One of the days we visited Warner Brothers studios which was amazing, it showed us many sets where shows are filmed such as two broke girls, the Big Bang theory, pretty little liars, batman, Spider-Man and many more. There was also the coffee shop from friends and we got to see all the costumes from Harry Potter. If anyone is going to LA I would definitely recommend going to have a tour here, there is so many things to see.

The next day we were meant to be going to Santa Monica pier for the day but my mum got very sick and we couldn't go.
I would love to go back to LA to visit more places the whole vibe of the place was so laid back and peaceful, there is just something about it which makes me want to go back. 

I hope you enjoy this post, stay tuned for my next one about New York.


Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Hi everyone, how are you all?

I have not done a blog post in so so long and I am very sorry, I said I would do one at least once a week and I have definitely not stuck to that!

I have been very very busy with school as I have had exams and work and haven't had much time to just think about writing a blog post, I have started so many but then something would come up and I would never complete the post. 

But.. I am going to America with my family tomorrow and hopefully I will have many things to post about.
We are going to LA, New York and ending the trip in Houston where I have some family, overall it's about 3 weeks in total we are spending in America. I will keep you updated on all the tours and things I do along the way, and hopefully I can stay on the ball with it all haha. 


Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Banana, honey and cinnamon pancakes



- two cups of self raising flour 
- one cup of milk
- one egg 
- two tablespoons of sugar
- one-two bananas 
- one tablespoon of honey
- 2 teaspoons of cinnamon 
(You can add as more or less cinnamon and honey depending how strong you like it) 

Simply mix all the ingredients it a large mixing bowl until everything is completely combined. If the batter is too runny add more flour and if it is too thick add more milk. Rest in fridge for 15 minutes, then the pancakes are ready for cook.

Top with your favourite topping, personally I think that drizzling some honey over these pancakes goes best. 

Comment down below other ingredients you have tried in your pancakes :)



Monday, 14 March 2016

Melbourne fashion week

- Opening Night - 

The whole night began with my friend Izzy and myself getting ready for this exciting event. We managed our mops of hair followed by painting our faces with makeup, then putting on our outfits, trying to fit in with the Melbournian fashion culture.

Once we were seated the anticipation began waiting for the first model to walk the runway. I was overwhelmed with excitement as I had never been to anything like this before. The lights went out and music blasted as the models began walking. All of the models were stunning with their unique looks and different variety of outfits that walked in front of us. From the amazing casual denim range to the extravagant street looks, all of which were very classy yet casual. The different makeup styles were also very unique each outfit having a different makeup look going along with it, using all kinds of techniques.

Overall the night was so amazing and I am definitely going to be going back next year, it was so much fun. If a fashion show comes to somewhere near you I recommend you to go in a heart beat. 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my little post! 


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Makeup favourites / reviews

Maybelline instant age rewind eraser dark circles concealer

Wow that's a long name... So at the moment I've been using this concealer every time I do my makeup which is nearly everyday. It instantly hides away those horrible bags you wake up with in the morning, giving you a natural look and does not have that caked effect. This blends amazingly well which is a big plus. It is also great for highlighting. The original price for this is $18.95 but I got it for 9.99 on sale. I would definitely recommend buying this it is so so good!

Expert face brush 
This real techniques brush is truly amazing, it applies my foundation so nicely as well as blending it into my skin so smoothly leaving me with a flawless complexion. I'm usually a girl who uses beauty blenders for applying foundation but after purchasing this brush I have used it every time to apply my foundation it is also good for your powder, blush ect. I purchased this brush for $18.50 as it was on sale (lol I'm getting all the sales lately) I believe the original price is around $22 

Ultra matte lip by colour pop 
I need these in every colour possible omg they are that good but I have only 2 colours, midi which is a pinky nude colour and teeny tiny which is a rich browny plum colour. This formula is absolutely amazing, it is a thin, liquidy consistency which drys very quick. It is super long lasting, and literally does not come off at all, it lasts forever. The only negative is that it makes your lips very dry but that con definitely does not out weigh the pros, you can just simply add a lip balm once it sets. The ultra matte lip is $6.00 usd and you can purchase it 'here'

Makeup sponge with a handle
Yes that's right it is a makeup sponge with a handle. The place I work at got these in and only cost $8.99 so I had to buy it. I really love it as using the handle gives you more control applying products. I just simply dampen it with water as I would with my beauty blender and then use it to blend in my foundation or concealer, It works exactly the same as the beauty blender. I'm not to sure of the brand, but I definitely recommend you buying one of these.
So there you are, these are just a few of my top favourite makeup products at the moment. I hope you enjoyed reading!!

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