Saturday, 30 January 2016

My summer holidays


Okay so I haven't written a post in so so long as it is my summer holidays and I've been quite busy.
So I'm just going to give a brief recap of everything I've done for my summer holidays which began on 11th of December. Comment below to let me know how you spend your summer holidays :)

1. My birthday
My birthday was on the 13th of December and I turned 16, which I've been waiting ages for. I got a whole room make over and a trip to America with my mum and sister in June which I'm overly excited for. As I turned 16 that is the legal age to get your learners license in Australia which you have for 2 years before you get your full license, and you have to be accompanied by a fully license driver, so I went and did a test and I got it! I have driven a little and I don't think I'm that bad but my parents think otherwise haha.

2.  Christmas 
Christmas morning, my sister, brothers and I all opened up our presents. I managed to get many clothes, bathers and shoes ect. Me and my sister got a Segway/hoverboard thing to share which is so much fun! We then went to my nans house and had a big Christmas lunch with all my family which was so lovely.

3. Pambula beach 
On the 27th I went to a beach town with family and friends where we stayed for 10 days at a beach house. It is a 4 hour drive to the town but is definitely worth it! We spent New Year's Eve watching fireworks on the beach, it was so so pretty. In Pambula there is a lot of forest around so there were so many kangaroos around, we also saw an Echidna, lizards and a possum 

4. Seaspray beach 
We got home from Pambula beach on the 7th then on the 11th i went to another little town called seaspray, which is only 30 minutes away from where I live, in the summer my family usually just do day trips to this beach town but this year we decided to get a cabin and stay for a week. It was so worth it and so much fun.

4. The 1975 concert!! 
I got home from seaspray on the 18th and on the 20th my friend and I went to Melbourne to go see the 1975 in concert.
And omg it was one of the bests nights of my life! It was so amazing it's hard to put into words how good they were live. One moment during the concert, Matty (lead singer) asked everyone to put there phones down and not to record anything for at least the next 2 songs as he wanted to connect with the crowd. Everyone put there phones away and just listened which was so cool as we are all pretty much living everything through our phones now. So it was nice to just enjoy it and it made me realise how much I was missing out on the moment right in front of me. Overall it was a great night and I definitely recommend you see them in concert, they truly are amazing.

And that is it, my summer holidays are officially over (cue the tears)

 It is now Sunday the 31st and I started school 2 days ago on Friday. Which wasn't too bad because it was good to see all my friends I hadn't seen throughout the holidays.

 I hope you enjoyed my post, please feel free to leave a comment.



  1. Lovely post! Some lovely pictures, happy late birthday and I hope you have a great year at school:)

  2. Looks you had a great time!!

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