Monday, 14 March 2016

Melbourne fashion week

- Opening Night - 

The whole night began with my friend Izzy and myself getting ready for this exciting event. We managed our mops of hair followed by painting our faces with makeup, then putting on our outfits, trying to fit in with the Melbournian fashion culture.

Once we were seated the anticipation began waiting for the first model to walk the runway. I was overwhelmed with excitement as I had never been to anything like this before. The lights went out and music blasted as the models began walking. All of the models were stunning with their unique looks and different variety of outfits that walked in front of us. From the amazing casual denim range to the extravagant street looks, all of which were very classy yet casual. The different makeup styles were also very unique each outfit having a different makeup look going along with it, using all kinds of techniques.

Overall the night was so amazing and I am definitely going to be going back next year, it was so much fun. If a fashion show comes to somewhere near you I recommend you to go in a heart beat. 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my little post! 


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Makeup favourites / reviews

Maybelline instant age rewind eraser dark circles concealer

Wow that's a long name... So at the moment I've been using this concealer every time I do my makeup which is nearly everyday. It instantly hides away those horrible bags you wake up with in the morning, giving you a natural look and does not have that caked effect. This blends amazingly well which is a big plus. It is also great for highlighting. The original price for this is $18.95 but I got it for 9.99 on sale. I would definitely recommend buying this it is so so good!

Expert face brush 
This real techniques brush is truly amazing, it applies my foundation so nicely as well as blending it into my skin so smoothly leaving me with a flawless complexion. I'm usually a girl who uses beauty blenders for applying foundation but after purchasing this brush I have used it every time to apply my foundation it is also good for your powder, blush ect. I purchased this brush for $18.50 as it was on sale (lol I'm getting all the sales lately) I believe the original price is around $22 

Ultra matte lip by colour pop 
I need these in every colour possible omg they are that good but I have only 2 colours, midi which is a pinky nude colour and teeny tiny which is a rich browny plum colour. This formula is absolutely amazing, it is a thin, liquidy consistency which drys very quick. It is super long lasting, and literally does not come off at all, it lasts forever. The only negative is that it makes your lips very dry but that con definitely does not out weigh the pros, you can just simply add a lip balm once it sets. The ultra matte lip is $6.00 usd and you can purchase it 'here'

Makeup sponge with a handle
Yes that's right it is a makeup sponge with a handle. The place I work at got these in and only cost $8.99 so I had to buy it. I really love it as using the handle gives you more control applying products. I just simply dampen it with water as I would with my beauty blender and then use it to blend in my foundation or concealer, It works exactly the same as the beauty blender. I'm not to sure of the brand, but I definitely recommend you buying one of these.
So there you are, these are just a few of my top favourite makeup products at the moment. I hope you enjoyed reading!!

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