Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Hi everyone, how are you all?

I have not done a blog post in so so long and I am very sorry, I said I would do one at least once a week and I have definitely not stuck to that!

I have been very very busy with school as I have had exams and work and haven't had much time to just think about writing a blog post, I have started so many but then something would come up and I would never complete the post. 

But.. I am going to America with my family tomorrow and hopefully I will have many things to post about.
We are going to LA, New York and ending the trip in Houston where I have some family, overall it's about 3 weeks in total we are spending in America. I will keep you updated on all the tours and things I do along the way, and hopefully I can stay on the ball with it all haha. 


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