Sunday, 11 September 2016

Shopping in America

This post was meant to go up as soon as I got back from America, but I'm terrible at sticking to schedules so here it is, finally, about 10 weeks late.
 I ended up doing a lot of shopping while in the states and this post would go on forever if I mentioned every single thing I brought, so I have decided I am just going to mention some of my favourites.
Nars creamy concealer
I have wanted this concealer for so long as I have seen so many beauty bloggers and You-tubers rave about it, and since I have the Nars sheer glow I just had to get it. So once I walked into Sephora in LA that's exactly what I did, I got the shade vanilla as I have quite fair skin. Overall since I have brought it I have literally used it everyday, I used it all the time while in America when it was very hot and now at home being very cold, the coverage staying great in both hot and cold temperatures and it hasn't creased at all for me yet. If you come across this concealer, I'd definitely recommend you buying it.

Reebok shoes
These Reeboks are called the 'classic' ones I believe as they have been around for so long just like the superstars, converse and vans which everyone wore years before I was born, but have now came back in style. These were about $80 USD I think, but there was a big sale so I managed to get them 40% off. I wasn't originally going to get them because my sister was and we didn't want to have the same shoes but when I tried them on I loved them so much so I had to buy them, and it was definitely worth it as they are the comfiest shoes I own!

US Polo Association jacket
I purchase this jacket because here in Australia it is winter and I was in desperate need of one. The jacket was originally $75 USD but I was able to get it for $35! The sales in the outlets were insane, nothing like the ones here. It is a really handy jacket as it goes with most things so I always chuck it on before leaving the house.

Nike casual shoe
These are the Nike Court Classic shoe. These are great as they go with anything just like the reeboks, and are just really handy when I'm going out and need a shoe to quickly slip on. Again they are extremely comfortable and well worth buying. I believe these were $90 USD but once again with the crazy sales I got them for $45.

Thanks for reading my post! sorry again for the delay on this, ill try and have my posts coming more frequently, especially now that my school holidays are coming up, ill have some free time to write some posts xx

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